Value Time

I’ve heard the saying “time is money” my whole life.

I’ve never really got want that meant until the past year or so.

It means your time is valuable. When you exchange your money for something you are saying that whatever you are giving money for is more valuable than that money.

If you are hungry, a meal may be more valuable than keeping ten dollars.
When you need socks, a bag from target is more valuable than keeping 5 dollars.

You weigh the exchange and make the decision.


I’ve been trying to do that with my time lately. Is what I am spending my time doing WORTH giving my time for it?

Sometimes we need to give time for rest (for ourselves). Other times we need to give time as a gift (for others). But other things…if we really think about it, are not worth the transaction.

Its worth weighing the costs. We can get more money. We cannot always get back our time.


I Will When

My life has been kinda cra cra lately. Not crazy…. straight up cra cra.

And I haven’t “found” the time to do somethings that I want to do. Its like I am maintaining my life instead of pursuing it.


I have to tell my self constantly that time will remain the same, things wont necessarily get easier and I wont find some “extra minutes” under the couch somewhere.

At some point we need to say no to our current task…(that never ending one you have…that you could spend hours doing and still not finish)

And GIVE time to pursue, to create, to thrive.

Some of us have to work, to pay bills. Have to study, to get the degree.

There are things we “have to do” . Obviously.

But we  also have to GIVE time for those pursuits and passions that are inside of us. They will never come about if we wait for “the time to do them”.

Don’t be okay with pushing those things to the side. They are the ones that bring satisfaction and purpose to your life. They are why you are here on earth.

We weren’t meant to dread our days. Give time to the things you love, the person you want to be.


Little Things Add Up

I made two lists today. One was shorter than the other.

The first list consisted of what my priorities were
(a condensed version of my overall “dream/goal” for my life).

The next list was about twice as long. This list was what I was involved in
(all the “side” projects). It consisted of a bunch of little things…that added up to WHOLE lot of things.


I don’t think our problem is knowing what we want with our lives….
but knowing how to stay focused and loyal to it.

If I want to be a painter, but do not paint, because I am “too busy” ….will I ever become one?
If I want to be a writer but spend time in random projects that do not further me in this pursuit…who is to blame?

Should we abandon everything that does not specifically involve our pursuit in life? Of course not…

I am just starting to notice that a bunch of little things add up.
These things claim my life.
And the distractions are not to blame.
I am.

We have choices.

Our lives are about what we give priority to. What we fight for.
What we don’t give up on.
Apart of fighting for something is defending it against all others.

Say no to the little things, so you can say yes to the big ones.