Little Things Add Up

I made two lists today. One was shorter than the other.

The first list consisted of what my priorities were
(a condensed version of my overall “dream/goal” for my life).

The next list was about twice as long. This list was what I was involved in
(all the “side” projects). It consisted of a bunch of little things…that added up to WHOLE lot of things.


I don’t think our problem is knowing what we want with our lives….
but knowing how to stay focused and loyal to it.

If I want to be a painter, but do not paint, because I am “too busy” ….will I ever become one?
If I want to be a writer but spend time in random projects that do not further me in this pursuit…who is to blame?

Should we abandon everything that does not specifically involve our pursuit in life? Of course not…

I am just starting to notice that a bunch of little things add up.
These things claim my life.
And the distractions are not to blame.
I am.

We have choices.

Our lives are about what we give priority to. What we fight for.
What we don’t give up on.
Apart of fighting for something is defending it against all others.

Say no to the little things, so you can say yes to the big ones.