Why Things Don’t Have To Be Perfect

Because they never will be.


We can cry about it. Or get comfortable in imperfection. 

I have probably already lost 80% of those who started off reading this by the above statement. People don’t like things to be out of place because they feel like that’s a reflection on them.
First of all, it isn’t. But even if it was………?

I believe producing at an imperfect level is more honorable compared to the stagnation that “perfection” causes. Our lives were meant to be fruitful, not a strainful.  By seeking perfection and calling it “excellence” we have placed an impossible standard on ourselves that leaves us in a position to feel like if something isn’t perfect, its not valuable.

We should produce quality. Sure. But if its between producing nothing or producing something that’s less than perfect…..Produce. Do. Give. Make. Create.

There is nothing more excellent or perfect than someone who is willing to be a little undone and do it anyway.



Imperfections are not inadequacies

The most real and authentic side of you is what will make a difference.

There is no new formula that people need, no combination of words that they have not heard.

No amazing graphic, or 5 step program, that will forever change their life.

Sometimes we think the more perfect we are, the more love and acceptance we will get.

The better our house looks, the more perfect our children look…


when we have the best profile picture EVER, & when we finally fit into a size 2.

When we post enough scripture or seem to have no struggles

THEN we will have arrived.

Then we will be accepted, admired, and adored.

But what is it exactly that people are loving………..you? Or what you have presented yourself to be?

And more importantly, who’s lives are impacted by being exposed to our efforts of perfection?

Someone being raw & genuine  is what the world needs desperately to see. But very few people are willing to do that.

Vulnerability is our most accurate measure of courage@brenebrown

Quit trying to be perfect. You will just wear yourself out. And understand that we more real and authentic you are the more of an affect you will have on the lives of those around you. Be the kind of person people can breathe around. Admit you make mistakes. Be okay with that.

Perfectionism is a form of lying.

Its not being honest with who you are or where you are. No one really knows you. And you end up not knowing yourself. That would be a sad life to live.

Imperfections are not inadequacies. They are reminders that we are all in this together @brenebown.