Sometimes I have a tendency to look in my past…and kinda camp out there.

Sometimes its good, because I remember some really awesome events/relationships. And I enjoy remembering them. They are valuable memories. Other times, I camp out in regret. Wishing I hadn’t done certain things, or let go of  other things too easily.

You can kill yourself doing this. Literally. Regret…sucks. But NOTHING can change what is already gone. Nothing.

Even with good memories…you can unintentionally think that those “good times” are over. Like you can only enjoy your present by watching a rerun of what already happened.

However…If we decide to…

The best can be YET to come.


The best relationships (or best version of a current), The best memories,  or experiences…

The best version of YOU…….is yet to come.

We have the power to change our circumstances, and our lives.

The past is nice to glance back at every once in awhile. But camping out there will cripple you. It will cause you to place less emphasis on NOW and I don’t want to regret doing that.

Time is too valuable. Our lives are too valuable. The best is yet…



The Best is Yet to Come

I have a tendency to look back to my past and highlight the moments that I loved.

That’s great.

Memories are awesome. They are fun. But we have to believe  that the best is yet to come. 

Things change, people change, locations change, …. heck, we change


Its great to remember, just don’t dwell. There are still new people to meet, places to go, relationships to develop, things to learn, places to travel, and new selfies to take;)

Your BEST is yet to come, your life is totally moldable and shapeable into whatever you want it to  be. Literally.

Appreciate what happened. Just don’t look back too much. You will trip;)