Be a Little Crazy

born-for-more_newIf you think of all the reasons you shouldn’t, you never will. There are too many logical reasons why you shouldn’t venture out and pursue the life you want. The number one reason: You are going to look a little crazy. First of all I don’t  think most people pay as much attention to us as we may think. And the ones that do……if they weren’t critiquing you, they would be critiquing someone else. Its what they do, it helps them feel warm and fuzzy inside. Be glad you could be of service. Intelligence is often measured through abstract reasoning/thought. When you think in abstract ways you move beyond the “here and now”….and are able to draw something more to a situation. You think creatively. You see different methods and more options. You are not limited. Some people call this crazy. I call it genius. Moving beyond whats expected and willing to put yourself out there a little. Its not just enough to have a talent, or great ideas…you have to do something. You have to BE a little crazy instead of just think a little crazy. They may laugh at first…but later they will be asking what your secret is. You will have to tell them its ….”being a little crazy”.


Fear Problem = Love Problem

Perfect Love Drives Out Fear. @1john4:18

When faced with fear sometimes I feel like I have to find enough will power to fight it on my own. Like I need to try harder….face fear…and hopefully win the fight.

If we sought loveperfect love in our lives….fear would run.

It would hide.

It would be cast out.

Driven out.

And shaking.


See we don’t have to fight fear with our bear hands. We need to walk in the perfect love that comes only from God.

Fear is the opposite with Love. If we have a problem with fear…we are having a problem with Love. Seek it out. Fear will flee.

When You Fail.

“If it doesn’t work…”
I think that’s the underlying fear of most people. That’s why we discourage one another, and discourage ourselves. It all comes down to the fear of failing.

Here is a thought for you today.

If it doesn’t work.
If you fail.
If you give your all, and it just doesn’t happen.

Oh well.

That’s not meant to be apathetic. In fact its just the opposite. The person you became, the character you built, to be brave enough, consistent enough, to even try….is worth the possibility of “failing”.


Most people will never try. Most people are not willing to accept the criticism of their family.  Most people aren’t willing for the investment. However…If it doesn’t work, at least you tried. At least you know.

You are left  in a better position to try and succeed at something else. Because you have built the momentum, techniques, and will power to … even try.

I applaud not only the ones who are “succeeding” but the ones who trying. One day those people will make it, will succeed, and all their critics will be eating their words for lunch, and maybe even for dinner too.


If you temporally fail…if the certain path doesn’t work..
oh well.
Start a new path. Nothing was lost. Character was gained.



Some people say fear isn’t real. That’s not true. Anyone who has experienced true fear knows that its tangible….and pretty real. Its an outside force that can literally cripple people.

Fear leads us to do crazy things. It gets a wrap for all the things it keeps us from (like pursuing this or that) but it also causes us to do things as well.


Like control situations or people. Or arrange our entire lives in a predictable manner that cushions us from any unexpected blows. We cover our ears and refuse to explore new thoughts, or learn anything new, or expand our social circle….because that pushes us far out of our comfort zone. We wouldn’t be in control then- and that would be pretty scary.

Researchers are now studying the plasticity of our brains and discovering that we shape and mold who we are (literally!) by what stimulus we are continually exposed to. The more we focus on something, the stronger our neurological “connection” in our mind to that thing becomes.  If we are constantly focusing on what we fear, it literally becomes our reality. Our brain knows nothing different. We have built our mind, physically to become fearful, and except no other truth.

We make “positive thoughts” into this cute little, half-creepy, sugar pill…when  in reality it is literal science. Real. Physiological.

What does all this mean? It means that yes….fear is real. But- we have control over it. If we are deliberate.  Don’t be a weirdo and walk around humming  to the Universe.


But recognize fear when it comes.

It delivers the message of “cant” (inability, unworthiness, etc). It constantly asks “why?” (not in a good way….but a whyshouldyoudothatyousuck kinda way).

It causes you to not trust…other people.. or yourself.

You choose who you become. Literally. Quit blaming others. We have all been through our own personal versions of hell- but we do not have to live in those places forever.

Read a book, and learn. Step out.

Discover what you are capable of doing, and like Jon Acuff says “Punch Fear in the Face”