Facebook isn’t a diary

I know very few people who keep a diary (aka a “journal” for the manly men out there).

Luckily I was taught by a former mentor to keep one.

So I have.  And I have had one every year for the past 10 years.

They are my most valuable possession (besides my coffee pot)

Its crazy all the stuff I would of forgotten if I hadn’t written it down.

But that’s not what this post is about.


 Facebook isn’t your diary.

The cool thing about diaries is you can write WHATEVER you want.

And unless you have some sneaky person in your house  (shame shame)

It will never get read.

And that’s where most of our true thoughts/feelings need to go.

In a diary.

Because half of it you don’t truly mean… (emotions are fleeting)

and the other half……well its just embarrassing.

Facebook on the other hand….

That’s public ya’ll.

Public means people are on there. And they read it.

Some people even read it ALL (…we call those creepers)

So don’t smush what is suppose to be private and make it public.

Here are a few common sense boundaries if you need some help.

1. Don’t hate on people (We all know who you are talking about).

2. Don’t talk about your kids poop (not a good diary entry either)

3. Don’t bash men (your next status will be that you love them and you will look crazy)

4. Don’t bash women (your Momma is a woman…just remember that)

5. Dont make public declarations (you will be eating your words)

6. Don’t talk about your body (fishing for compliments is sad…and weird).

7. Don’t post when your mad (ever).

Bonus 8: For all the Christians out there…..don’t post that you liked Noah (personal experience)

 In the end….I recommend a diary. You can get everything out…write everything you feel and even punch the book if you want.

Facebook isn’t a diary. Its a platform.