Want to have their life?

One of the most valuable pieces of advice I have ever gotten was

“Only take advice from someone who’s life you wouldn’t mind having”

People speak from what they know. Their “advice” and insight into your life is a direct reflection of their own personal perception. They speak from what they have experienced, what they have seen, and what they think is possible.


They may have a heart of gold but if their life is like an episode of Jerry Springer, just smile and nod. If you do not want your life to end up looking like theirs, why allow them to speak into your life? Right?

Only take money advice from people who have money.

Listen to advice on marriage, from someone who has healthy relationships.

Apply the business advice you receive from someone who doesn’t cheat on their taxes, and who gives continually, and is responsible..daily.


Everyone has loud, passionate opinions…but few have the character and lifestyle to validate their “advice”.

Love everyone, but only listen to the words of the wise