Why Things Don’t Have To Be Perfect

Because they never will be.


We can cry about it. Or get comfortable in imperfection. 

I have probably already lost 80% of those who started off reading this by the above statement. People don’t like things to be out of place because they feel like that’s a reflection on them.
First of all, it isn’t. But even if it was………?

I believe producing at an imperfect level is more honorable compared to the stagnation that “perfection” causes. Our lives were meant to be fruitful, not a strainful.  By seeking perfection and calling it “excellence” we have placed an impossible standard on ourselves that leaves us in a position to feel like if something isn’t perfect, its not valuable.

We should produce quality. Sure. But if its between producing nothing or producing something that’s less than perfect…..Produce. Do. Give. Make. Create.

There is nothing more excellent or perfect than someone who is willing to be a little undone and do it anyway.



Want to have their life?

One of the most valuable pieces of advice I have ever gotten was

“Only take advice from someone who’s life you wouldn’t mind having”

People speak from what they know. Their “advice” and insight into your life is a direct reflection of their own personal perception. They speak from what they have experienced, what they have seen, and what they think is possible.


They may have a heart of gold but if their life is like an episode of Jerry Springer, just smile and nod. If you do not want your life to end up looking like theirs, why allow them to speak into your life? Right?

Only take money advice from people who have money.

Listen to advice on marriage, from someone who has healthy relationships.

Apply the business advice you receive from someone who doesn’t cheat on their taxes, and who gives continually, and is responsible..daily.


Everyone has loud, passionate opinions…but few have the character and lifestyle to validate their “advice”.

Love everyone, but only listen to the words of the wise

Every Last Drop

Every Last Drop

I read a story yesterday that caught my attention.

There was this lady who had a lot of debt (so much that she was about to lose her house), and she asked this dude for help.

He asked her what she had, and she responded that she had a small jar of oil.  He told her to gather some empty vessels from her neighbors and bring them to her house. When she did, he instructed her to start pouring her little bit of oil into those vessels.

She filled one after the other. After the last one, she asked her son who was helping her to bring her another. He responded that there were no more, and when he said that the oil stopped flowing. She then sold all the of oil for money. Problem solved.

Cool little story in the Bible. And I’m sure glad the lady got some money and paid off her debt. Butttttttttttttttttttt I couldn’t help but wonder what would of happened if she would of gathered more vessels.


The oil didn’t stop flowing until her son said there were no more. And she was the one who gathered them, so she decided how many would be filled.

She decided how much oil she would have.

I like this story because she had to:

1) Look at what she had available.

2) Use every bit of it

3) She determined the capacity of her blessing whether she realized it or not.


Recognize what you have. Use every drop of it.

And get a lot of vessels y’all. Don’t limit yourself. 


There comes a point where we have to take some responsibility.

That’s not a fun sentence- but its one that we cannot ignore.


Life deals out things that are sometimes unfair-

However we still have choices.

What will we do with what has been given to us?

And what kind of life will we create despite of it?

Those who “succeed” in life are not the ones who were dealt the better hand-

They are the stubborn ones who take responsibility of their lives and realize its ultimately up to them on how their life ends up.

Control Freak


One of the most worth while and productive things you can do is let go.

I am not talking walking around and not caring about anything…

But loosen the control grip and be willing to change.


Easier said than done right?

Sure. Its not easy….but it is possible.

In loosening your grip you allow new things to happen.

Holding on and controlling is only limiting yourself, and hurting your relationships.

Its easy to complain about how life is, but you have to be willing to change.

Crazy thought huh?

Things don’t have to be perfect, you dont have to be a slave to opinions.

Control may be disguised as a “safe zone”. But it is the furthest thing from.

Its actually the thing that hurts you, limits you, and controls YOU.

You dont have to be bound it to. you choose it.

Control is our enemy.Don’t trust it for a second.

Facebook isn’t a diary

I know very few people who keep a diary (aka a “journal” for the manly men out there).

Luckily I was taught by a former mentor to keep one.

So I have.  And I have had one every year for the past 10 years.

They are my most valuable possession (besides my coffee pot)

Its crazy all the stuff I would of forgotten if I hadn’t written it down.

But that’s not what this post is about.


 Facebook isn’t your diary.

The cool thing about diaries is you can write WHATEVER you want.

And unless you have some sneaky person in your house  (shame shame)

It will never get read.

And that’s where most of our true thoughts/feelings need to go.

In a diary.

Because half of it you don’t truly mean… (emotions are fleeting)

and the other half……well its just embarrassing.

Facebook on the other hand….

That’s public ya’ll.

Public means people are on there. And they read it.

Some people even read it ALL (…we call those creepers)

So don’t smush what is suppose to be private and make it public.

Here are a few common sense boundaries if you need some help.

1. Don’t hate on people (We all know who you are talking about).

2. Don’t talk about your kids poop (not a good diary entry either)

3. Don’t bash men (your next status will be that you love them and you will look crazy)

4. Don’t bash women (your Momma is a woman…just remember that)

5. Dont make public declarations (you will be eating your words)

6. Don’t talk about your body (fishing for compliments is sad…and weird).

7. Don’t post when your mad (ever).

Bonus 8: For all the Christians out there…..don’t post that you liked Noah (personal experience)

 In the end….I recommend a diary. You can get everything out…write everything you feel and even punch the book if you want.

Facebook isn’t a diary. Its a platform.