Fear Problem = Love Problem

Perfect Love Drives Out Fear. @1john4:18

When faced with fear sometimes I feel like I have to find enough will power to fight it on my own. Like I need to try harder….face fear…and hopefully win the fight.

If we sought loveperfect love in our lives….fear would run.

It would hide.

It would be cast out.

Driven out.

And shaking.


See we don’t have to fight fear with our bear hands. We need to walk in the perfect love that comes only from God.

Fear is the opposite with Love. If we have a problem with fear…we are having a problem with Love. Seek it out. Fear will flee.


Kill the “What ifs”



It can be annoying at times, especially when you have to clean up after them.

But more than anything I admire it.

Nothing is off limits. The world is theirs.
If someone tells them no, they may cry for a minute, but soon they will be into something else.

Somewhere along the way as adults we loose that curiosity.
We lost the resolve to explore and conquer no matter what the costs.

If someone tells us “no”
We don’t cry and try something else.
We cry and never try anything else.


We become stagnant. And bitter.

My biggest fear (truly) is to one day be an old lady and look back wondering

why I didn’t do more….
why I didn’t take chance….
why I didn’t explore the world a little more.

Its okay to make mistakes.

Its okay to fail/fall/mess up/screw up/ rip up…………..you get the point.

Keep trying.

Kill the “What ifs”

(Flashback Friday- Originally Posted on March 31, 2014)

When You Fail.

“If it doesn’t work…”
I think that’s the underlying fear of most people. That’s why we discourage one another, and discourage ourselves. It all comes down to the fear of failing.

Here is a thought for you today.

If it doesn’t work.
If you fail.
If you give your all, and it just doesn’t happen.

Oh well.

That’s not meant to be apathetic. In fact its just the opposite. The person you became, the character you built, to be brave enough, consistent enough, to even try….is worth the possibility of “failing”.


Most people will never try. Most people are not willing to accept the criticism of their family.  Most people aren’t willing for the investment. However…If it doesn’t work, at least you tried. At least you know.

You are left  in a better position to try and succeed at something else. Because you have built the momentum, techniques, and will power to … even try.

I applaud not only the ones who are “succeeding” but the ones who trying. One day those people will make it, will succeed, and all their critics will be eating their words for lunch, and maybe even for dinner too.


If you temporally fail…if the certain path doesn’t work..
oh well.
Start a new path. Nothing was lost. Character was gained.


Value Time

I’ve heard the saying “time is money” my whole life.

I’ve never really got want that meant until the past year or so.

It means your time is valuable. When you exchange your money for something you are saying that whatever you are giving money for is more valuable than that money.

If you are hungry, a meal may be more valuable than keeping ten dollars.
When you need socks, a bag from target is more valuable than keeping 5 dollars.

You weigh the exchange and make the decision.


I’ve been trying to do that with my time lately. Is what I am spending my time doing WORTH giving my time for it?

Sometimes we need to give time for rest (for ourselves). Other times we need to give time as a gift (for others). But other things…if we really think about it, are not worth the transaction.

Its worth weighing the costs. We can get more money. We cannot always get back our time.

Stick it out

I love this quote.

However, once you “lose sight of the shore”…you still haven’t crossed the ocean.

Lose sight of the shore

There is a point when we “let go”, when we start, when we venture off…that we are left alone.

Nothing has changed. And we wonder if we made the right choice.

We start working out and we see no results, so we wonder why we began.

We start our new business…and after the excitement settles down, we are left with wondering how we are going to pay our bills.

When you announce to the world, that you are going to do this or do that….you are left wondering how.

Sticking to your dream….long after the excitement fades is what it takes.  It takes courage to let go and begin, but it takes true character and commitment to stick it out…even when the destination is no where in sight.

Hold on to the “end picture” in your mind. Never loose sight of it. It will come.  If you stick it out.



It’s hard not seeing results, isn’t it?

I get really frustrated sometimes because an entire week will go by, and I’m like..whoa! Where did it go? And where is the fruit?

But I have to believe that it will come.

Running everyday will pay off. Even though I may look the same today as I did yesterday.

Studying everyday will pay off. Even though I have 20 assignments after it, one day I will have that degree.

Being consistent through my actions, and not just with my words will pay off.

Small steps every day. Compound interest.


Jim Rohn said, “After you become a millionaire, you can give all of your money away because what’s important is not the million dollars; what’s important is the person you have become in the process of becoming a millionaire.” 

I don’t want to be the kind of person who works JUST for results, I want to work to BECOME the type of person who is faithful and diligent, even when there are no tangible results.

Value your character above anything else. Work hard. Results are sure to follow.


Its okay to quit.

You have to have a true passion for what you do.

You cannot force passion.

You may feel pressured to be this or that because someone next to you is succeeding and seems happy in what they are doing. But it just doesn’t do the same for you.

You may feel pressured to see something out because you are afraid of doing something different or new,  or you are scared of admitting something didn’t work.

Is it worth being miserable though? Is it worth spending your ENTIRE life doing something…that you are not passionate about?


You know the difference.  Work is hard either way. We have to stick things out and see them through either way.

But why not do something you WANT to?

Its so important to be fully inlove with what you do. Doesn’t mean its easy…but its rewarding.

Fight for what you want. We have one short life, and tomorrow is never guaranteed. Don’t spend your precious minutes on anything less than what you are truly passionate about.

Its okay to quit sometimes, if you are choosing something better.