Live the Quote

I like quotes. But sometimes they annoy me. Everyone highlights them, quotes them, and shares them,…but who really believes them?
We live what we truly believe.

We decorate our homes with carpe diem paintings, and study books in our small groups about courage and thriving…but do we truly, truly live that?
In the end words are just words. Its interesting to me that words are easily accepted, but real concrete actions are repeatedly shunned.

When people step out and actually start bringing these words to life, they start taking chances, starting new things, and venturing out into the unknown….we kick them. We pour doubt and fear over them, reminding them that they are unreasonable, selfish, ignorant, and ultimately wasting their time.
As Christians we should never do that to to one another. We pride ourselves in carrying the message of life within us, but in reality we throw a muddy pessimistic judgement on one another.

Christians should be the bravest people out there, really living the message of life.

Jesus didn’t sit still in His home with His trendy buddies sipping a latte over their perfectly put together homes. He was out and about in the cities, hanging out with the beggars, debating the critics, holding conferences with thousands, and ultimately spending His life investing in others, not protecting Himself. Not worrying about His image, not worrying about whether what He was doing was understood or accepted by others.

He lived wholehearted. He lived fully. He was raw, genuine, and sincere.

These quotes, these scriptures, are not cute decor accessories. They are guidelines for real everyday life. We should seek that kind of life within ourselves and celebrate that life in others.


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