Hide and Seek

This is one of my favorite scriptures. Been thinking a lot about it lately.


Its really tempting to take pride solely in what we have “figured out”. We shout loudly what we know to be true, and don’t place much value on what we don’t. I guess that’s human nature.

This scripture reminds me to value the things that I don’t understand.

I need to love not only the obvious attributes of God, but the mystery of God. It brings Him honor when we seek after Him, when we admit that we don’t know everything about Him.

There is no limit to seeking and finding. Its great to be excited about what we have found, but there is value, and excitement in what is left to seek.

I think we should encourage ourselves to ask more questions. Its not a reflection of doubt, but a reflection of true desire to understand.  To me, being mature doesn’t mean you have all the answers, it means you are willing to ask questions. You are always learning. You like a good game of hide and seek.

When others ask questions, …..that’s not our opportunity to solidify our superiority over them. Rather it’s our chance to encourage and cultivate them to have a healthy curiosity about God. When we make them feel shame when they are unsure, we rob them of the gift of experiencing the “seeking and finding” aspect of God that I believe He wants  us to have.


We don’t know the perfect way. We don’t have all the answers. We don’t have the perfect comebacks for the Facebook debates. To me, this doesn’t mean that we aren’t “good” Christians or that we don’t love God. It means that it brings Him glory, honor….when we love Him enough to live a life of pursuit.

He holds our curiosity and love enough that we can admit that we don’t always know…but we still believe. Play hide and seek with God. It will bring you honor and Him glory.


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