Tip Toe

“You see the heart and soul of someone in times of adversity”
I heard that quote the other day, and have been thinking a lot about it. I wanna help people, I want to have friends, and I want people to like me….you know, what most normal girls want. We are nurtures, almost to a fault.
If I focused solely on these desires (helping, having friends, people liking me) it would wear me down.

Although its not bad to want these things, they can put you in a position where you will sacrifice your authentic self to please someone else. If you have to explain yourself and defend yourself constantly, if you are the only one who has to maintain a relationship, it might be time to mosey on down the road.

You see someone’s true level of commitment to you, someone’s “heart and soul” in the times of adversity, when things aren’t as “fun” or easy…
Don’t surround yourself with people you have to tiptoe around. And don’t make people feel like they have to tip toe around you. Everyone has a bad day, but if its a consistent problem- you have to be honest about what the true source of insecurity is coming from. And that’s hard for us gals to admit. It might NOT be your friends fault…it might simply be your insecurity.
Give people the benefit of the doubt. And surround yourself with people who give YOU the benefit of the doubt, and don’t make you tip toe.


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