The Young

I’m young. At least I think I am. Some of the kids from church call me ma’am. And that makes me feel old. But…I try to forget about that.

Us young folks (I include myself in this!) have this creepy, strange ora about us. Its this sense of entitlement. That things are owed to us, that the world is meant to bow and severe.

News flash fellow youngins…
If you truly believe this… in 30 years you will be broke and miserable.

If I could do anything for this generation I would help them to discover a sense of responsibility. To understand that no one owes them ANYTHING. And yes, they should become everything that they want, but they need to work for it.
Its not about achieving a result, its about developing your character.
Results will follow.


You life is worth caring about.
Your life is worth working for.
You will never get to a point where you are “too good” to serve and work and be extremely humble. Everything can be taken from you in an instant.

They say that if you were to distribute the worlds wealth, evenly…to all people, within a few years it would be back in the hands of those who had it in the first place. To me, this means that character, drive, and WORK bear fruit.

Entitlement bears pain.
Because it is never satisfied and never fulfilled.
Laziness is sad.
Because it will bring true regret.
And apathy is to me…the most disturbing.
“Not caring” is not showing how strong you are, but how weak you are. Strength is caring deeply about life, taking a challenge, pursing, and thriving.

Its the issue of the future we are dealing with. We are the next set of leaders. And that shouldn’t be a scary thought.


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