Choose Wisely

You become who you hang around. Literally.

Its hard, because you develop relationships with people, and sometimes you truly love them.
However, sometimes for the sake of you, you have to say goodbye.

You cannot change people, and you shouldn’t.
That’s the job for Someone else with much greater power than you and I.


Its all about having standards.
In order to grow we have to have standards, things we hold ourselves accountable to. Lines drawn that we will not cross, and dreams and aspirations that we are reaching for.
The people you surround yourself determine, literally if those boundaries will be crossed, and if those aspirations are ever reached.

They are the voices that have the strongest influence. They give you fuel, or they drain you.
You should love people. You should care about them, give to them, and believe in them.
But your inner circle, needs to be chosen carefully and intentionally.

Your friends don’t just share in your story, they help write it. So its worth looking around you, and deciding who you want to become.


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