Stick it out

I love this quote.

However, once you “lose sight of the shore”…you still haven’t crossed the ocean.

Lose sight of the shore

There is a point when we “let go”, when we start, when we venture off…that we are left alone.

Nothing has changed. And we wonder if we made the right choice.

We start working out and we see no results, so we wonder why we began.

We start our new business…and after the excitement settles down, we are left with wondering how we are going to pay our bills.

When you announce to the world, that you are going to do this or do that….you are left wondering how.

Sticking to your dream….long after the excitement fades is what it takes.  It takes courage to let go and begin, but it takes true character and commitment to stick it out…even when the destination is no where in sight.

Hold on to the “end picture” in your mind. Never loose sight of it. It will come.  If you stick it out.



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