Its okay to quit.

You have to have a true passion for what you do.

You cannot force passion.

You may feel pressured to be this or that because someone next to you is succeeding and seems happy in what they are doing. But it just doesn’t do the same for you.

You may feel pressured to see something out because you are afraid of doing something different or new,  or you are scared of admitting something didn’t work.

Is it worth being miserable though? Is it worth spending your ENTIRE life doing something…that you are not passionate about?


You know the difference.  Work is hard either way. We have to stick things out and see them through either way.

But why not do something you WANT to?

Its so important to be fully inlove with what you do. Doesn’t mean its easy…but its rewarding.

Fight for what you want. We have one short life, and tomorrow is never guaranteed. Don’t spend your precious minutes on anything less than what you are truly passionate about.

Its okay to quit sometimes, if you are choosing something better.


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