Have you been ever asked the question, “Soooo, What do you do?

You are suppose to respond to one occupation and leave it at that.

I am a lawyer.

I am a business owner.

I am a graphic designer.

I am a stay at home mom.


When I get asked this question I often feel pressured to “sum me up” in a sentence.

Well you know what? I can’t.

And I don’t want to.


I don’t think we were meant to be labeled as one thing or another…and we definitely aren’t meant to throw some desires away and keep others.

This is where a lot of pressure comes in for people to PICK SOMETHING! Pick something you love and run after it. I WHOLEHEARTEDLY believe in this. I believe real desires provoke action. You have to put feet on your words.


People often don’t pursue anything…because they can’t find that “one thing”.

I just am not sure there is…one thing….for everyone. Maybe many things interest you. You can LOVE your business and still dream about doing this or that one day. That’s okay.


Have you ever noticed that “starters” (people who put actions to their words) often have multiple projects going? My friend Brittany has a very successful business. She loves it. But on the side she opened up another business that had nothing to do with the first one. Does that mean she doesn’t love the first anymore? Nope…she has just discovered the joy of seeing outward manifestations of the desires she has inside of her. I’m sure as the years go on…she will start more things…and more things.

We have a small group of entrepreneurs/artists/writers who meet a couple of times a month for accountability/brain storming/and goals. Guess what? The longer the person is in the group…the harder of a time they have to “label” themselves. Because we (usually) aren’t one desire. We are a whole lot of things. 

Try new things, start new things. If something fails. Who cares?

We have to stop apologizing for who we are. If something we like or enjoy makes no sense to some one else- whoopty freakin do. Go after it anyway. If you are a successful doctor and you want to start a side business making kids hair bows…go for it. We don’t have to have permission slips from everyone else to do what we want.

I believe desires, dreams, gifts are placed inside of us for a reason. Not to torture us of what we should of been….but push us towards being. Now.

You are not a sentence. You are not a word. The part I love about this life/world is its meant to be explored and experience. Not one corner of it…but the whole thing.

And we were meant to be fully engaged in this one…life…we have.




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