What we all want.

Its easier to quit.


In fact…I’m starting to see that it is easier to start something, than it is to follow through.  Because along the way we forget our “why”.

Why did you start? What was your dream? And why did you have that dream?

Its worth taking time out and remembering.

We all have different outcomes.

But there is one common thread that I GUARANTEE is in all of our “whys”.

It’s value.

Adding value to someone else’s life. Making their lives a little bit better, maybe even saving one.


I am studying personality theorists this semester. They are all so different, and firm in their own theory. But the common theme to all of them is the end. In the end, when we are old, we look back and wonder if we added value. If we made an impact.

It might not be on the forefront of our minds at 20. But trust me, its coming.

We can’t take our cars,  our houses,  or tapes of us on the Oprah show……with us. The only thing that is left is people. Did we add value to their lives?

Some synonyms of “value” are importance, worth, or usefulness.

When you are thinking of quitting, when things get hard remember that you are in this (whatever “this” may be…) to add importance, worth, usefulness, and VALUE to people’s life.

Its not just about you.

 Remember your why. 


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