If you are a buff person (physically)

You could lose all your muscles. It might take some time, but you could lose them. The stronger you are the longer it would take to become weak again. But…..its possible.

If you are a buff person (I just like saying that)

You will still have your off days. You will sleep in, miss the gym, and go to Sonic. It will happen.


That’s the physical side. Its logical. We all understand it. We don’t blink twice. Strong people can have their weak days, it doesn’t destroy them. 

I have a lot of plans/goals/aspirations…and I annoy half the people in my life. I was telling a friend this weekend that people assume all of this comes easy for me….but its  really really hard. Not so much the doing…but the “keep doing” part.  And I feel like I am a little wiggly man trying to be buff at the gym.


I know I am strong however…not because of what I do but because I am the stubbornest person you will ever meet. I know I will have my weak days but I move forward anyway. I refuse to give up. I refuse to listen to criticism. I just don’t accept that.

People don’t start things because they are afraid they will mess up. And people don’t “keep going” because they are afraid they are going to mess up. Granted ..”getting up” isn’t easy after a fall. But is being on the sidelines your entire life easier? Better? Worth it?


So in fear of the inevitable (the weak moments)….people miss out on on the strong moments. And settle for half of what they are capable of.

Starting something…and finishing something involves strong AND weak moments.

Its not going to look perfect…and you are not going to be perfect.

It may appear that you are avoiding weakness…by never shooting for strength. But really you just settled for weakness. Permanently. Forever.

Try. Mess up. And try again. I doubt if anyone ever laid on their death bed saying,

“Lord I just tried too many things in life”

Nope. If anything it is,

“Man that went by fast…why did I not just go after it?”

Being strong doesn’t mean not being weak. It means being stubborn and not giving up.




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