Laugh in the Dressing Room (For Women Only)

Okay…if you are a can read this, you just might not want to.

I warned ya.

A few weeks ago I was in a dressing room trying on swimsuits (scary word, right)?

I heard the coolest conversation.

I wasn’t eavesdropping because the ladies next to me where pretty loud. And I heard the whole conversation.

I never saw them….but it sounded like a mom and her little girl (maybe 8? 9?)

The mom was trying on bathing suits, and her little gal was helping her.


Mom: “Man! I don’t like this one!”

Daughter: “Meeee either Mommy…that doesn’t look good”

Mom: “Yeah! Ew! This one doesn’t look good on Mommy at ALL!”

(Then they would both laugh)

Then I would hear…

Mom: “Ohhhhhh man! I look gooood in this one! Wow!”

Daughter: “Oh Yeah! You look great Mommy- wow, I like that one!”

This conversation went on awhile (I obviously was trying on a lot too). And they went back and forth laughing about the ones that looked bad on her- and “oohing and ahhing” about the ones that looked good on her.

I never saw the lady. Never saw her body type- her suits- anything.

But I left thinking…THATS the kind of mom I want to be. Being honest with my daughter about

“Yeah this doesn’t look good on me”- (and laugh)


“Dang! Mom looks good in this!”- (and laugh)

Bigger gals get insecure about too many curves- Littler gals get insecure about not enough curves. We will always have something about us we don’t like,…..but this mom acknowledged to her impressionable daughter….”yeah this might look bad on me….but THIS looks good!”

I loved that. I loved that she laughed about not looking good in something. She wasn’t ashamed and didn’t have a breakdown…she showed her daughter that it wasn’t HER that looked bad, the suit just wasn’t for her. And they laughed. They moved on….and she felt good about the next one.

Sometimes confidence is thought to be no acknowledgement of the things we don’t like about ourselves. I think that’s just being fake. Being confident is

1) Admitting the things you don’t like, but not dwelling on it.

2) Admitting the things you love;) and not being arrogant about it (arrogance is the true sign of insecurity)

Anyway, thank you to the random lady in the dressing room, who I will never meet, but who gave me some of the best parenting advice I could ever be given.

Laugh in the dressing rooms. No matter what happens.


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