What good is Freedom?

When I was a kid I remember thinking that “when I grew up” I would do everything.

That I could do anything.

I dreamed of all the amazing things that I would become, and all the professions that I would have.

I was going to be an gold medalist figure skater…..and an astronaut.

(Yes, those were my two big dreams).


Point is….I knew that I would gain more freedom when I got older, and with that freedom I dreamed of what I would do with it.

I believe the most honoring thing we can do with our freedom is use it.

Freedom is not given so you can eat Cheetos and lay around. Its given so you can work, and become something.

We have the freedom, the right, & the choice to be healthy.

We have the freedom, the right, & the choice to get any level of education that we desire.

We have the freedom ,the right, & the choice, to develop and succeed at an organization, a business, non profit- anything we can dream of or imagine.

So instead of celebrating freedom by laying on the couch because we can…

Remember as a child that you associated freedom with Becoming.

Become who you want to be. Because you can. That’s real freedom.


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