Science is not evil.

It’s very hard to study what I am studying, without thinking of religion.
On the same hand, its hard to be in an religious atmosphere without thinking of science.

Its funny to me because both of those worlds seem to discredit each other, when in fact they are both acknowledging and pointing to the same thing.


The best thing to do to throw someone off- is to present them with truth, but twist just a small part of it- that they are not able to see the big picture clearly. That is what both religious leaders, and scientists have fallen to.

Scientists are unable to acknowledge that there is, in fact absolute truth. They get tripped up on the fact that certain things cannot be measured, so they cannot be true. However just because our minds are presently so small we have not discovered ways to understand or measure certain truths does not mean they do not exist.

The religious folks get tripped up because of arrogance and ignorance. They think learning something outside of the context of Christianity is dishonoring to God. If it did not come from a book in Mardel’s but instead from a university, it is evil.

If  Christians REALLY believed that we were ALL made in the image of God, then how could we discredit wisdom or knowledge from someone simply because they were “not saved?”

Science studies God. Science studies creation. Just because it is not overly spiritual does not mean that is is not Godly. It is real, it is tangible.

The thing that frustrates me the most, is that those who are loudly proclaim that they believe in something, are the least likely to practice it.

The church doesn’t give. Check this out from Relevant magazine.

-Tithers make up only 10-25 percent of a normal congregation.
-Only 5 percent of the U.S. tithes, with 80 percent of Americans only giving 2 percent of their income.
-Christians are only giving at 2.5 percent per capita, while during the Great Depression they gave at a 3.3 percent rate.


Our Bible teaches giving. Our Bible teaches gratitude. But we read and walk away. And guess what? The “horrible evil secular” people are out there realizing …

“Hey! If I give, its comes back to me…”

“Hey! If I think positive thoughts, positive things come back to me!”

“Hey! If I am grateful, I am healthy…happy…”

God is so real and tangible, that His words have become universal laws that are unchanging. So if a Buddhist monk wants to tap into the benefits of mind and body through meditation, he reaps the benefits from that. Our Bible teaches meditation….but what Bible-belt Christian regularly meditates?

We get tripped up on positive and negative energy, without realizing that GOD is the one who MADE energy- So acknowledging it doesn’t make you a witch doctor, its acknowledging the tangible real aspects of God, that we can (and should) experience here.

I read a lot of philosophy books on success, leadership, and money (Napolean Hill, Jack Canfield, Norman Peale, Brian Tracy, Dave Ramsey, Stephen Convoy, etc. etc.). A few of these are Christian authors, but the majority of them are not. They continually teach giving, gratitude, positive thinking, etc.

And they reap the benefits of it.

They are practicing what you preach.

If anything, scientists, success gooroos, are really the ones proving the reality of God, because they are the ones who acknowledge the universal laws, and practicing them, and reaping from them.

We are the ones arguing and fighting, not giving, not thinking positively, and disregarding science. But wanting everyone to follow a God, that we don’t really believe in.

If you are a Christian, its okay for you to read and study science. Your faith will grow, because you will see the physical manifestation of what you believe, and see that science is in fact, proving your faith.

If you are a scientist, realize that 100 years ago  scientists were saying certain things did not exist because they could not be measured. And then they found a way to measure it. That will happen again, and again. We will never understand all. 

Anyway, I hope to be a Psychologist who does not disregard spirituality. And I hope to be a Christian, who doesn’t disregard science.  They both prove each other.


One thought on “Science is not evil.

  1. As a biology-turned-humanities major, I really appreciated this post. I’ve had to struggle with reconciling my faith with my studies so many times, and I love that you were able to lay out this new perspective so clearly!

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