Where I Went Wrong

I use to be pretty religious. I am sure that I have traces of it still in me, but when I see a hint of it…… I like to kick in the face and chunk it out the door (no other way to handle it).

I’m not talking about caring for widows and orphans. That’s the real deal. That’s what we need to do.

I’m talking about micromanaging. Everything.

That’s religion. We cannot control everything. We shouldn’t. We should not throw our convictions on others, that’s control. We don’t know everything about God, and we shouldn’t pretend to. That’s just ignorance.

I use to be one of those people, to those who knew me…I’m sorry. When you think you know everything- that’s when God allows everything to prove you wrong, and you are left realizing that it never really was about rules,  and it never really was about fully understanding. That’s man made. That’s man controlled.

God likes to keep you in a place of wonder and cause you to seek things out. When we worry so much about what the person next to us is doing, He is asking us to look at ourselves.

So if you are worried that you may be caught up in religion- here are a few signs:

Worrying more about what others are doing than you are doing

Focusing on outward things (debates, convictions, how you “look” to others,  etc) instead of the state of your heart

Being on a high horse. Thinking you have one ounce of God “figured out”

Being more concerned about being radically loud and controversial, than you are about loving someone and being kind. Controversy will come, but its a by product- its not something that it sought.

To sum up:

one word —> control.

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Anyway- I’ve been reading over old journals of mine. And it just made me sad. I lived in a place of torment- constantly wondering if what I was doing was “right” or “approved” by God. Also being way too critical of the people in my life. I was taught this when I was 17- and its taken me about ten years to recognize it. I have to remember that the message is LIFE. And we have the choice to choose that.

So what’s more honorable? Being right and letting others know how wrong they are? Or letting them know that they have hope, and they have good in them, and their lives matter?

What direction are you pointing people? What’s the message of your religion?


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