Someday is a cop-out

Who wants to be common? I’m not sure why exactly, but it seems like we all have an innate desire to do something uncommon, to make a difference in someone’s life, and to stand out to some degree.

Some people want this through being in the public eye, others desire to do this in their community, or even within their family.

No matter how wide you desire your circle of influence to be, the common thread is we all desire to influence, and change something in this world, to make a contribution. 

That’s sweet. That’s awesome. But…

Everyone wants the outcome that results from living an uncommon life, but we are all not willing to actually lead an uncommon life, now.

Deeper than our desire to make a difference, we desire to be safe, to be accepted, to blend in. No one admits to this, but if you looked solely at your daily  decisions, what do you see?

Its easy to say “someday”. But that’s a cop-out. 


If you are not doing things now to work towards what you want, it will never come. The question of you making your difference in this world is not in a method. Its not dependent on some outside force to make it happen for you. That’s a cop-out. You have to have the resolve, and character to realize  that you are responsible, for you.

Define your courage. We all want different things, so we are all scared of different things. Normally when you find your fear you have found the area of your purpose. Your fear is a blanket covering the things inside of you that are related to your specific purpose. I don’t believe fear plops down wherever it feels like. No it is strategic, there is a reason it is…where it is.

If we do nothing in our lives to help someone, to change something,  then our lives were wasted. You don’t do that “someday”, you do that now.

You ultimate “big picture” dream is not handed to you, its sought by you. You decide everyday if it will ever actually happen. 


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