Question What You Believe

Is questioning things bad?

I’m not sure if the above sentence is grammatically correct. For some reason it seems, a little off to me…but you get the point.

We have been taught right or wrong, either from our parents, or our churches, or our schools our entire lives. If a kid questions something, they get put in time out. If a teenager starts to question God, we Bible slap them. If an adult starts to question or wonder about their life, we suggest counseling.


Why do we do this? Well, it was done to us. We were taught to not question things, to not wonder, to not explore. Why? Because those who go a new way, think a new way.. cannot be controlled.

But that’s another subject;)

To be a rebel, for the sake of rebellion is not what I’m talking about. That’s called being a jerk. What I am suggesting is us becoming more comfortable in questioning things. Not flipping out if someone sees something different than what we see. Being secure enough in our own beliefs that we don’t hyperventilate when someone says they do not agree with us.

I visited Israel a couple of years back and I remember a guy telling me that they encourage debate there. When you debate something you have to defend your side, you have to hear the other side, and only then do you really know what you believe. 

I think here in the States we don’t have as solid beliefs about things, because we have never had to question them, or fight for them. We have been given one thing, and we think its better than everyone elses.

 I’m not trying to bash America, or the church, or schools- I’m just saying we need to think. We need to encourage others to think. Encourage our children to think. 

By doing so we are not threatening beliefs,  we are encouraging real ones. 

Do you believe what you do about God, money, marriage, politics, sexuality, culture, etc .because you have wrestled with these issues, and truly contemplated for yourself what they mean? Or because you have been lazy and accepted the first thing that was presented to you?

We are never old enough, wise enough, spiritual enough to stop learning, to stop seeking, and to stop questioning. When we do , we stop growing. And something that stops growing, dies.

Question things….So you can truly believe in something.


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