Feel better? Or be better?

You don’t really want something until you actually start making it happen.

And not baby steps. Strides.

You may make yourself feel better by saying that “thinking” about something is progress…but its not.

Planning is important. But if all you do is plan you might as well just watch an episode of Oprah because it does you no good.


Everyone has a dream (whether they admit it or not). The only thing that separates everyone is those who talk and those who actually make concrete, consistent steps.

If you want to learn a new language, go to class, study everyday. Dont just buy the book.

If you want to start a business, get your licence and put a deadline on it, don’t just recreate your logo 20x.

If you want to loose weight, go to the gym EVERYDAY, and stop eating as much. Don’t  just walk around the block 3x a week. Sweat…alot….on purpose. 

One day your kids will be gone, don’t hide behind them. That’s an excuse. 

Everyone has the same amount of time in the day. you are not busier than anyone else.      That’s an excuse. 

If you don’t have energy, that’s an excuse because you could eat better and have more.

We have to stop trying to make ourselves feel better, and actually be better. You have one short life.  You have the capability to be anything you decide.

Start taking concrete REAL steps and then….and only then talk about it. 


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