Burn Your Own Ship

It’s reallyyyyy easy talking about taking chances.

It’s easy to say that you will “one day” do this or that.

It’s a whole other ball game when you make a no turning back decision and there is no back up plan.


I don’t know many true risk takers. Not bashing anyone…But it makes me so sad when the people I love an admire have so many great ideas, talents, gifts…and they just won’t go after them.

There was this Spanish Conquistador guy named Hernando Cortez. When he and his crew landed in Mexico, they had a mission to cease this huge treasure. Once on shore he gave the order to “Burn the Ships”. 


There was no other options. He got rid of them. There was no back up plan.

We live in a time where people look down on the passionate folks.

They call them immature, unwise, blah blah blah.

History isn’t filled with stories of the rational. 

They were the controversial, brave, ship burners.

One day when you are old you will not be laying on your death bed saying,

“Man….I just did too much stuff in my life.”

Naw….more like “I wish I would of just gone for it.

The most useful thing you can lose is your pride. Screw what other people think. Quit being afraid- do what you are suppose to do.

Burn your own ship.


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