Every Last Drop

Every Last Drop

I read a story yesterday that caught my attention.

There was this lady who had a lot of debt (so much that she was about to lose her house), and she asked this dude for help.

He asked her what she had, and she responded that she had a small jar of oil.  He told her to gather some empty vessels from her neighbors and bring them to her house. When she did, he instructed her to start pouring her little bit of oil into those vessels.

She filled one after the other. After the last one, she asked her son who was helping her to bring her another. He responded that there were no more, and when he said that the oil stopped flowing. She then sold all the of oil for money. Problem solved.

Cool little story in the Bible. And I’m sure glad the lady got some money and paid off her debt. Butttttttttttttttttttt I couldn’t help but wonder what would of happened if she would of gathered more vessels.


The oil didn’t stop flowing until her son said there were no more. And she was the one who gathered them, so she decided how many would be filled.

She decided how much oil she would have.

I like this story because she had to:

1) Look at what she had available.

2) Use every bit of it

3) She determined the capacity of her blessing whether she realized it or not.


Recognize what you have. Use every drop of it.

And get a lot of vessels y’all. Don’t limit yourself. 


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