Control Freak


One of the most worth while and productive things you can do is let go.

I am not talking walking around and not caring about anything…

But loosen the control grip and be willing to change.


Easier said than done right?

Sure. Its not easy….but it is possible.

In loosening your grip you allow new things to happen.

Holding on and controlling is only limiting yourself, and hurting your relationships.

Its easy to complain about how life is, but you have to be willing to change.

Crazy thought huh?

Things don’t have to be perfect, you dont have to be a slave to opinions.

Control may be disguised as a “safe zone”. But it is the furthest thing from.

Its actually the thing that hurts you, limits you, and controls YOU.

You dont have to be bound it to. you choose it.

Control is our enemy.Don’t trust it for a second.


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