See the Good

Yesterday I was truly amazed.

I have done a lot of disaster relief and community projects, but its been a couple of years. I guess going back into it a little “older” helps me notice things that I missed before.

There are good, kind, and selfless people in the world.

Sometimes we need to remember that.

IMG_6000(I took this Yesterday. It was a retired man taking OUT this tree. Man vs. Tree!)

Negative stories spread like wildfire, and we forever remember words that have hurt us.

We hold on so tightly to the things that damaged us, and easily forget the moments that  have healed us.

We all make mistakes and no one will be 100% selfless at all times.

However there are times we need to pause and look and see the good in one another. See the good in ourselvesDo you believe that you are a good person? You are.

Be grateful for the friends you do have and not be upset about the ones you don’t.

Hold on to the memories of your family that uplift you, and not dwell on the pain.

Think about the good qualities that YOU have, and quit being so hard on yourself.


Yesterday I saw imperfect people. I saw 50 year old ladies working circles around me in the hot sun sorting through belongings in the mud. I saw a wounded solider with artificial legs leading teams through the rumble. I saw retired people working along side the young folks laughing and having a good time.

There is good in the world. There are kind people. We have to hold on to that and believe in it. We cannot walk around in defeat.

We rob ourselves when we play  the victims.

Hold on to the good. Fight for the good. And believe its there- In others and in yourself.



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