the Four Letter Word

Getting to where you want to be is no mystery.

I am learning that the magic “formula” to success spreads across all subjects, and all areas.

We have the answer within us.

“What we should do” normally boils down to one scary, four letter word….



People pay millions to learn the “secret” to loosing weight…

But in order to take it off…and keep it off…

you cannot avoid working out, drinking water, doing the hard things.

Dave Ramsey has become famous because he teaches the principles that have been established since the beginning of time….

Work………………….. Save………………..Do whats right.

People seek out success in their businesses and want to know “how” to do this and “how” to do that.

And when it comes down to it….its simply….work.

It’s doing the right thing, not the easy thing.

Its being consistent when you don’t see results.

Its keeping the end in mind when everyone reminds you of the present.

Don’t be weak, don’t give in.

If you want something….work hard until you get it.



2 thoughts on “the Four Letter Word

  1. So very very true. People too often mention luck and chance. But when I think back to every time that I was “lucky” or had a good opportunity cross my path, it was during times when I was working really hard at something and it happened to give me the skills, knowledge, resources, contacts, etc. I needed to get the opportunity. But society,especially media, lies to us and I find myself having to tune them out every day, to deny that temptation to take a shortcut that I know really doesn’t lead to where I want it to go.

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