Responsible for What’s in Your Hand

If you were to take a sheet of paper and list everything you were good at

Would that be hard for you?

Would your list be long or would it be short?

I did that this weekend (a group exercise at a retreat I was attending)

And I found it difficult.

Not because my gifts and talents where not “there”

But because I have been conditioned to not own up to them, or be responsible for them.

gifts use them

We almost feel embarrassed of them if they have not been cultivated and perfected to a point that would be excepted by everyone else.

So we don’t start anything. We don’t finish anything.

We allow the fear of others to place the stakes and mold our boundaries. We let them dictate how far we will go and if we even use those gifts.

Realize that your talents, your gifts, your desires where given to you not randomly…and not to be cute.

You are responsible for them, and they are there to be used.

Not someday. Now.

Let pride go. 



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