Follow Your Gut.

You have to go with your gut sometimes.

The mind is a beautiful thing. Its complex and powerful.

However your thoughts will cause you to talk yourself out of a hundred things before you try one.


Sometimes you feel the answer. Even if you don’t “know” it.

You know in the depths of you what you should do.

What you want to do.

Fear doesn’t announce who he is. He disguises himself as logic.

As your friend who just cares about you.

As your relative who loves to “counsel” you to play it safe.

But sometimes its good to be irrational. 



“a little over board” (I get that one a lot)

People love to complain about the world,

but give the people who are doing things differently a hard time.


If there are things you do not like, then change them.

If there is something you don’t like about yourself……change it.

We can literally become anything…do anything. Its really crazy when you really think about it.

But we talk ourselves out of it everyday.

So go with your gut. Do what you have always wanted.

Be  illogical, impractical, and irrational

And be proud of it.



One thought on “Follow Your Gut.

  1. This makes me want to start calling you Gibbs. He loves coffee and always goes with his gut. I have NCIS on the brain since I got to go to the set. I love your posts and your advice. Keep it up!

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