The Procrastination Monster

Isn’t it crazy how we know the right thing to do…

but its just so hard actually doing it?


So we put it off looking for different formulas..

Different ways to approach it..

Different angle to tackle it…

Different gym to join…

Different day to start…

Different accountability partner…

Different time to implement…

However in the end….it comes down to just doing it.

There is no getting around it. 

There is no “new quote” that will make it easier.

There is no person who can “hold you accountable”

At the end of the day….its up to me. And what I choose to do.

master procrastinor

If I want to be healthy. I need to work out and eat right.

If I want better relationships, I need to be bold enough to ask forgiveness.

If I want to start a business, I need to go down to the courthouse and start some paper work.

If I want to write a book, I need to….write.

As much as our attentions may be good.

Proof is in the pudding.

We know the answers

the question is

How long will it take us to decide to just do them?



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