3 BIG misconceptions about LITTLE business owners

I have the coolest friends in the world.

No really….. I do.

I am fortunate to know many small business owners who are working their tails off to succeed at their dream.


Its fun getting together and talking about this unique life, because no matter what we are selling, there are some common misconceptions about what it takes to run a business.

So if you are a business owner….these will just make you laugh and nod..

But if you are not one….pull up a chair and focus….

Here are 3 BIG misconceptions about LITTLE business owners

1) We post ads on facebook and collect money.

 Um, no.

There is SO much behind the scenes work that goes into making a small business successful.

There is no formula, there is no paved road. There is no one standing there to answer a question if you raise your hand. You are literally on your own. That’s exciting. That’s one of the reasons we love it.

However lets be realistic, its not simple.


A friend told me yesterday, “people just don’t realize how hard it is“.

The world sees fruit, they don’t see the labor of getting the fruit.

2) We have more time 

When you are working an 8-5 job. You clock out at the end of the day. Business owners never clock out. They live in a body that is occupied both by the boss and employee. You kinda have to be “the everything” of your company in order to keep it functioning. You never ever have your work “done”. Because it literally isn’t your “work” its your life.


3) We are making lots of money.

No…..not yet.

See, its these little childhood lessons that we forget when we are adults. As kids we learn that you can’t have snack until you pick up your toys.

We learn that old McDonald had his farm, planted his crops, and then later at thanksgiving time around 5pm was able to eat them.

As adults we get so impatient that we forget the natural law of sowing and reaping. And we forget the beautiful word in between those two.


People will laugh in the years of sowing and waiting.

But when harvest comes….they be like, “heeeeeyyyyyyyyy!”


So the moral of this story. If you are a small business owner:

Keep truckin.

People will laugh at you and not take your seriously. But your harvest is coming. Take note of your surroundings and remember one day where you came from and who was by your side.

If you are not a small business owner….we accept coffee donations anytime.


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