Secure enough to Delegate

I am a leader. I have no problem walking into a room and taking charge.
I like people. And I love strangers. I love seeing a problem, and figuring out the quickest way to fix it.
There are several good qualities of being a leader…but there is also a lot we have to be careful of.
One thing specifically is consistently delegating.

For me that’s been a tough lesson to learn. Being passionate about what I do, I was worried about handing over certain tasks or projects to people.
Not because they were incapable, but because I was being controlling.

Since I have been working on that in my own life I have really noticed it in other leaders as well.

They are so in love with what they do (which is good) that they never give others and opportunity to thrive  (which isn’t so good).

So its got me to thinking. What is a good leader?
Its someone who is willing to give others the reins.

They are secure enough to let somethings go.

To let mistakes be made, and lessons be learned.


See we can’t do everything. It honestly slows us down when we are not willing to let others do somethings, and even…..gasp….be in charge of something.

So the question today is are you secure enough in yourself to not need a power trip?
Does controlling certain areas in your business, or leadership areas give you a sense of purpose?
Because if it does….you may not currently be as strong as you could be.

Let go. Be strong…and lead others to better them…..not control them.


2 thoughts on “Secure enough to Delegate

  1. Well said. I think I have this problem sometimes because I remember all too well being the one worker in a group of slackers. The only way I can be sure something is done is to do it myself. This comes out most in my personal life as I try to plan everything. I’m starting to learn that, even there, it’s okay to ask for help.

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