No shortage of the Cautious

Ohhhhhh fear.

When it comes down to it. That’s the “fuel” behind most people’s lives. We think we are self preserving…but we are really being wasteful.

Robbing ourselves of a full life…and trying to take everyone else down with us.

What a waste.

We spend so much time convincing ourselves of what we can’t do…..we end up thinking we are doing others a favor by telling them what they can’t do as well.


“There are three types of people in the world today.

There are “well-poisoners,” who discourage you and stomp on your creativity and tell you what you can’t do.

There are “lawn-mowers,” people who are well-intentioned but self-absorbed; they tend to their own needs, mow their own lawns, and never leave their yards to help another person.

Finally, there are “life-enhancers,” people who reach out to enrich the lives of others, to lift them up and inspire them.

We need to be life-enhancers and we need to surround ourselves with life-enhancers.

~ Walt Disney

I just want to propose something as you go along in your day today.

There is no shortage of “reasonable” cautious people.

The person before you venturing out into the unknown will have hundred different voices predicting the hundred different ways they could possibly fail.

If you truly want to make a difference in someone’s life, be the one who says

“Go for it”.


How many biographies are written that credit the people in their life who discouraged them to consider why they couldn’t/shouldn’t?

No….credit is due to those who believed in them. Who shined light on their strengths. Reminded them that they could.

It’s really important to believe in yourself.

But true evidence of that will be displayed in how you believe in others.



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