The top “1 Reason Why You Shouldn’t Compare”

I am a business owner. I love it.

I hope to start another business in the near future.

One thing that I don’t like about it though, is all the competition/insecurity.

stop-comparing-comic2 (1)

I have actually lost friendships because of this underground rule that

the ‘other people’ are your enemy

So…I wanted to share something that I believe with my whole heart.

I love “The Top 5/10/100 Reasons” blogs.

But in writing this one…..I could only think of one real reason why you shouldn’t compare. Ready?

1. It kills you.

There is no one else who is damaged. You are.

Not only do you lose potentially valuable relationships….you actually drive yourself into the ground.


See….we have taken what is suppose to be challenging…and made it into something detrimental.

The people in your industry/business are just like you. And if we could be a little more confident…these are the people who would understand and be able to relate to us the best.

You are unique. Even if you are selling the exact same thing as Joe down the street…you bring something different to the table. And so does Joe.


Napoleon Hill said that the root of competition is the

“fear that there is not enough to go around”.

Its like we are scrambling for the last cookie on the plate…but we don’t realize their is an oven full about ready to come out.

If you want something bad enough…you can and will be successful at it.

No matter how many people are already it. People are not your enemy.

Comparison is. Fear is.

Stop comparing. Start being creative.


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