Why People Don’t Like You

I was reading this morning out of an old (early 1900’s) book about the “art” of being a likable person. Just so happens that the concern for others to “accept” you is no new thing. Everyone wants to be “liked”.

The book gave a lot of great suggestions and tips. However I think it can be summed up very simply

You gotta like you.

We kind got things backwards. If people accept us, approve of us, like us…THEN we will like ourselves. However as a society we are drawn to the confident people, the happy people, the ones who already like themselves.

And even besides all that, there is one person that you will spend forever with…..got any guesses?

There is something about you that no one else has. Focus on the things you like, even if its just one tiny little thing.

Everyone else will follow.


One thought on “Why People Don’t Like You

  1. Why People Don’t Like You | london climbing monkey

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