A lesson from Ralph

I watched “Saving Mr. Banks” the other night.
The movie was great. Although I did have to watch a cartoon about some turkeys afterward to help me stop crying.
There was a lot I got out of the movie, but for today I will talk about Ralph.


For those of you who have not seen this movie is primarily about P.L Travers (pictured above).
She wrote the book Mary Poppins, and gave Walt Disney a pretty hard time about the making of the movie. She was kinda harsh (okay ..she was a jerk) but as the movie goes along you begin to understand why she treated people the way she did.

She had been deeply hurt, and was never able to move on.

Ralph was assigned to drive her around during her stay in California while visiting Disney. He wasn’t spared from her wrath, but showed her continual kindness throughout the movie.
He wasn’t anyone special. He didn’t have the title like she and Walt Disney had…
But he is the one who broke her.
She was a jerk….he was kind.
She was a jerk..he was kind.
She became less of a jerk..because he was kind.

Don’t underestemate your kindness. There is a world of pain and hurt beneath people’s anger.

You may not see the fruit of your labor…but kindness does tear down walls.

I love this quote by Mother T-
Be kind anyway



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