Mountains can Move

I’m not sure why we have a tendency to reflect on what we could have done…

Or should have done

It’s easy to think something is “too late” or “final”.
I just don’t believe it. I refuse to. It’s an easy way out.


Life would be extremely depressing if everything were irreversible or impossible.
Mountains can move. Things can change.

No matter how old you are, how much you have screwed up…..the life you want is fully possible.

Hope defined (Snyder 2005) is “a belief that one can find pathways, to desired goals and become motivated to use those pathways”

1) pathways are there
2) use them.

I have defined success in my own life as “living to my full capacity.”

My full capacity does not have room for thoughts of the past, regret, or disbelief.

Tomorrow is fully dependent on what I choose today to believe is possible.


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